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Sean King, America’s Leading Home Improvement Expert

From age 12, my father and grandfather taught me that when it comes to working on a client’s home, only absolute, unqualified perfection will do! What a difference 30 plus years make in our country. This was a time in America when my brother and I would jump on our bikes, gloves and balls in hand, and head out to play with our friends all day on the weekend or after school during the week. Only to return when the streetlights came on to sit down and have dinner AS A FAMILY! We could also leave our bikes in the front yard overnight and there was never a concern over whether the bikes would still be there the next morning. Man I miss that America!

With that said I am so glad that my family had me start helping out at the age of 12. It instilled a work ethic and a respect for money in me that lives on to this day. I can’t tell you the last time that I saw kids younger than 18 mowing a lawn or shoveling snow from a driveway as a way to make a few bucks let alone doing it at their own home for free as part of their chores. If you have children or grandchildren tackling such chores, congratulations, good for you and even better for them!

Let’s face it, everyone knows someone that has been burned by a contractor before. Maybe they took the deposit money and never even started the job. Or they did start the project only to abandon it midway through leaving with all of the money. Lastly, maybe they did complete it but the workmanship was so bad that you needed to hire another contractor to start from scratch.

Being a third generation Home Improvement Expert I have seen and heard every contractor trick in the book and quite frankly it makes me sick! That is why I decided to write my Best Selling book, The Ultimate Guide To Hiring The Right Contractor. My book pulls back the curtain on the home improvement industry and reveals all of the dirty little secrets that they don’t want you to know. It also tells you exactly how to avoid each and every trick or scam, step by step.

I am currently considered America’s Leading Home Improvement Expert as evidenced by my over 30 network news appearances on ABC,NBC,CBS and FOX literally from coast to coast. You can check out several of my TV appearances on our media page. I am the only contractor ever invited to speak on stage at Harvard.

In 2016 I was also invited to speak on stage at West Point with Buzz Aldrin! Disappointingly I had to decline the West Point offer because my sister-in-law had a destination wedding that same weekend. Sadly, I lost that “debate” with my wife. I have made it my mission to help as many homeowners as I can to prevent them from becoming the next contractor horror story.

I am proud to say that “under my watch” we have grown from a small local company to one of the largest home improvement companies in America.

Also, please check out our “Why Choose Us” page to learn just how different doing business with us really is.

Thank You and God Bless America!